3 in1 LCD Screen ALS EEPROM Photosensitive Data Backup Programmer for iPhone 8/X

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LCD Screen ALS EEPROM Photosensi
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1. For iPhone 8/8 Plus/X series, the Ambient Light Sensor stops working after screen replacement even with original one. This LCD screen EEPROM photosensitive data programmer for iPhone 8/8p/X to solve the auto-brightness issue.
2. Read original LCD screen ASL data on iPhone 8/8P/X.
3. Backup the original photo sensitive data to the computer, avoid to lost it.
4. Write the original photosensitive data on the replacement LCD Screen.
5. The item equipped with the touch screen is so practical that supports both online operation and off-line operation.

6. The slim and compact item is not only suitable for household use, but also portable for outside.

How to Use:
1. Prepare an Android data line and connect it with the power. When the power is turned on, the screen will light up and continue to operate.
2. When the screen is on, click the “PROG” code to enter the next interface.
3. Put the original screen on the left, Put the assembled screen on the right
4. After the original screen and assembly screen is put on, click and read and write. After 3 seconds it will be successful. (If you fail to read and write, check if the button has been buckled.) After that the light-sensitive function of you assembled screen is repaired successfully


This programming unit can only be used for the original screen, since you have to read the data from the original screen and re-write it to the assembly screen.

Package Include:
1 * LCD Screen ALS EEPROM Photosensitive Data Backup Programmer

1 * Micro USB Cable.

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