Scan APDU Commands From GSM/UMTS Simcards for Analysis

GSM/UMTS/CDMA Simcard and Mobile Phone Hex Scanner Phone to Simcard Communication Monitoring system

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Discount for University or Colleges and for Students who wish to learn more about how mobile phones communicate with simcards.

Note a new design of scanner is in production with better features and coming in November 2017

APDU Hex scanner Kit Specification

4 Units FPCB connectors Mini Type

Image of new batch production of cables may differ from picture but function is same

optional 1 Units FPCB connectors Micro Type

optional 1 Units FPCB connectors Nano Type

1 Mini to Full size Adaptor

3 Micro Nano Mini Sim adapter pack

optional 1 HID OMNIKEY 3021 USB Smart Card CAC Common Access Card Reader ID Card PC/SC Compatible PC USB

1 Main Hex Scanner Main Board with interfacing Connectors

  • USB Port to connect to the PC
  • 2 on-board simcard sockets, Front using Rebel Pro Full size Adapter or underneath using simgate mounted on Rebel hex scanner main board.

If you cant make you application work you can check out our dev kit below for proxy simcard.

Not if you teach smartcards in university or colleges we have special software licence deals available on source codes

Some optional related items below

Proxy Simcard development kit

F300 MCU Mini Sim IC Placed in top of simcard :

F300 MCU Mini Sim IC Placed under of simcard NO CUT:

Optional Example Source code for Boot loader Creation:

Optional Source code for Network Sim STK Applications:

Optional Source code how to encrypt hex for remote upgrade:

Optional Source code how to flash encrypted firmware over PC/SC:

Optional USB Debug Adapter for C8051

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