iPhone 4S Unlock & Activation Rebel Lite Micro SimCard 5.0 & 5.0.1 with Original Modem Basebands

iOS 5.0 Modem 1.0.11 & iOS 5.0.1 Modem 1.0.13/14 iPhone 4S Unlock Rebel Lite Micro SimCard

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iPhone 4S Rebel Lite Micro
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Unlocking iPhone 4S to give you the freedom to choose any network.


Which Version of the iOS firmware & modem Does the iPhone 4s Rebel Lite Micro Sim Support ?

Is Rebel Micro Sim for iPhone 4S Compatible with all GSM / WCDMA networks SIM Cards

Yes Compatible with all GSM / WCDMA networks SIM Cards

Am i able to use my Data Services ?

Yes Complete Unlock with all 2G and 3G data services

Do i need to Jailbreak to be able to unlock my iPhone 4S  with Rebel Micro sim ?

This solution is NOT requiring you to Jail Break your GSM iPhone 4S

Do i need to call 112 to be able to unlock my iPhone 4S  ?

No Need to Dial International Emergency Number 112 !!!

Do i need to cut my micro network simcard or modify it in any way for the Rebel micro unlock sim to unlock my iPhone 4S ?

No need to Cut your Micro sim. However if your have a Mini size sim and dont have a micro sim then please use this link to add a Rebel Micro Sim cutter to your order.

How Do i unlock my iPhone 4S with the Rebel Lite Micro Sim ?

Place the Network simcard on top of the Rebel Micro Unlock Sim for  iPhone 4S

Note NO modification required as no need to cut your micro sim.


Soon as you plug in the Rebel 4S micro sim with your network sim you will see the Message Below.

should not get this message then power off and on the 4S or use a different network sim.

Wait few moments so you can enter the phone settings page and go back to the home screen and back again to settings and the phone will be highlighted this time and we want to select this.

Click on the Sim application Menu to Find the Rebel 4S config Options STK Menu.


Method 1 to Configure Rebel 4S Micro sim

The first method to Configure rebel 4S unlock sim is through the Built in Network List where network code and no simcard from those networks are required and you only have to select the network from the list to complete configuration and restart your 4S to get signal.


Method 2 to Configure Rebel 4S Micro sim

Configure your rebel 4S unlock sim using a real network sim from the iphone 4s locked network or using a activation sim 

This the most  easiest way to configure the 4S card. You only need a network simcard  from the operator the iphone 4s is locked on to.

Insert the real network sim or the rebel activation with the rebel 4s pro unlock sim and in the Rebel sim application select the Learn Sim.

Soon as you Select Learn sim the message will pop up to let you know the network code from the simcard has been copied and the rebel card configured.

Now simply insert the other network sim you wished to use with the correctly configuredrebel 4s unlock card.




How To Proceed to Unlock your iPhone 4S with Rebel Micro sim now that all Config is done.

Now When you power up the Rebel 4S micro sim with your desired network sim you wish to use go to the settings page where you can see whats going on better.

In the About Page you will see the network name change to  Three as thats the network simcard we have placed with rebel 4s Micro sim in the iPhone 4S locked on to Orange UK. The iPhone 4S is tricked is tricked to believe a valid simcard from orange is in it so it thinks all is fine. When the About page loads up the ICCID then you know network is coming very soon now.

You will see the signal come up and your ready for calls and sms on 2G & 3G networks.

 Now your Network Unlocked you can configure the APN settings if your Unlocked iPhone 4S

Note some network Auto Detect and dont need to add APN however if you do this how to change them using the Rebel iPhone APN Settings FREE Service.




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