Hard Drive lock password reset

How to reset the hard drive password

Data on hard drive will be lost, if you need the data on this hard drive, stop reading.

Terminal (Lion & Mountain Lion)
1. With the encrypted disk connected, launch Terminal and enter the following command
diskutil cs list
You should see output describing the encrypted disk, starting with info about the Logical Volume Group:
CoreStorage logical volume groups (1 found)
+-- Logical Volume Group 109FC023-5F18-438A-AF3D-14FF60334A0C
Name: Le Disque
Size: 68375502848 B (68.4 GB)
Free Space: 0 B (0 B)

If you have more than one encrypted disk, locate the Logical Volume Group with the name of the disk you want to erase.
2. Copy the UUID which follows the words "Logical Volume Group". In this example this is the UUID for the disk named "Le Disque":
3. 109FC023-5F18-438A-AF3D-14FF60334A0C
4. Warning The next command will erase the disk specified by the UUID you enter. Make sure you've copied the correct Logical Volume Group UUID for the disk you want to erase, especially if you have more than one encrypted disk connected.
Enter the following command to erase the encrypted disk, replacing copied UUID with the UUID you copied:
diskutil cs delete copiedUUID
5. When complete, the disk will be partitioned with one volume mounted, called "Untitled". You can then start using it or repartition or encrypt it in Disk Utility as needed.

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