Our team

Our Website started back in 2008

2008 Our product the Rebel simcard unlocked iPhone 3G Model within few days its launch.

2009 We released the No cut version of the Rebel unlock sim so users did not need to cut the simcard to use our product.

2010 We Released the Rebel Simcard 2 & Unlocked HTC Smartphones like Dell Streak Palm Pre

We Launched the first micro sim cutter and micto sim adapters

We Launched the first simcard APDU Monitor system to improve availability of tools to study smart card data

We Launched the first unlock simcard for iphone 4 unlocking

We Launched the first smart card for bypassing iPhone activation

2011 We Launched the first dual simcard standby case with charging function called Rebel2phone

We Launched the first unlock simcard for iphone 4S unlocking

2012 We started New way for Factory unlocking iPhones from only the imei number