Rebel 2Phone iPhone 4/4SSim Dual Standby Case Jailbreak Required inc iOS 5.1.1


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This is an ideal way to use your network simcard with your Locked iPhone 4

Note product requires you to Jailbreak your iPhone 4/4S First

This Allows iPhone users to make and receive calls simultaneously on their iPhone 4/4S

Important  Note for  iOS 5.1.1  users before purchasing. 

Incoming sms do not come on the 2phone and is a bug in software and no fix for it.

Having two SIM Cards active simultaneously on your iPhone 4S, 4 is no longer a dream!

To note:
- Only use the supplied USB cable to recharge the 2Phone battery
- Requires to jailbreak your iPhone 4S /4
- Requires installation of the 2Phone software in your iPhone 4 (after jailbreak)
- With some network providers, vibrating mode can replace the ringtones (for incoming calls and SMS) on the second SIM card.
- With the second SIM card you can only call / receive calls and send / receive SMS 
- For internet browsing only use the iPhone 4 micro-SIM

There is one very important bit of information to note, this case will only work with jailbroken devices.


Rebel 2Phone Dual Standby Sim Case from RebelSimcard.com is one of the most innovative and promising iPhone 4 Accessories device developed since the iPhone was introduced to the market by Apple. This Allows iPhone users to make and receive calls simultaneously on their iPhone 4.

Active dual sim is having 2 sim cards which both sim cards are active at the same time, which means you can make and receive calls simultaneously.

Rebel 2Phone for iPhone 4 finally can use two sim cards on their iPhone 4 simultaneously.  Thanks to hardwork, creativity and innovation.  

Anyone who wants to have 2 active dual sim cards to work simultaneously on their iPhone 4, can now do it with our new Rebel 2Phone  Active Dual Standby Sim case for iPhone 4.

 Compatible with all iPhone 4S, 4 (even blocked / SIM-Lock) 
 Two SIM cards in your iPhone 4S, 4
 Simultaneous connection 
 Both SIM cards are active at the same time 
 Power extender for your iPhone 4S, 4 battery 
 Both SIM cards signal strenght appear on your iPhone 4S, 4 touch screen 
 Both battery level status are shown on your iPhone 4S, 4 touch screen 
 Compatible with any providers SIM or USIM cards 
 Does not require to cut your SIM cards 
 Avoid roaming charge 
 Scratchproof and shockproof 
 Unlocking your iPhone 4S, 4 is not necessary 
 Function Enable / Disable & Change PIN code

 Integrated Battery: 3.7V/800mAh 
 GSM Quadri Band: 900/1800 850/1900
 Input/Output: 5.0V/500MA 
 Talk Time: 500min. 
 Weight: Approx. 59g 

How does it work ?

  •  iPhone 4 case that has a built-in dual Band GSM phone and battery in a aesthetically appealing case
  •  Also has built-in 800mAH battery
  •  Users only need to add their second sim Normal Mini size card or a micro sim with a micro to mini sim adapter.
  •  Jailbreak is Required to install the Rebel 2Phone iPhone application.


The Rebel 2Phone case utilises the iphone 4 

  •  Touch screen
  •  Microfone speaker


  • You can make or receive calls on any of your simcards. 
  • Both sim cards will be active and you can see sim cards signal and battery levels at the top of the screen on your iphone. 
  • This is one of the most promising hardware developed for the iPhone 4. 
  • If you have any question or would like to become a distributor, please contact us immediately.


Benefits for Active Rebel 2Phone Dual Sim for iPhone 4 

  • Active Dual-SIM operation allows the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time. 
  • Using multiple SIM cards allows the user to take advantage of different pricing plans for calls and text messages to certain destinations as well as mobile data usage.
  • You can use more 2 sim card on your iPhone 4 to make and receive calls simultaneously. This is true standby.
  • Rebel 2Phone has its own GSM phone(use iPhone 4 screen mic speaker etc.) built into our own case, hence, you can receive call simultaneously. This is true dual standby.
  • Built-in 1700mAh Battery. This battery is used to power the phone in our case or can you be used as a power extender for your iPhone Battery. 
  • If you run low on battery on your iPhone you can use the battery from the Rebel 2Phone Case to charge your iPhone.
  •  Does not use any power from your iPhone. Has it own built-in battery that power the active dual sim.
  •  Prevent your iPhone 4 from scratches.
  • Make Calls with even Locked iPhones. Dont be stuck using your iPhone 4 as an iPod.


Rebel 2Phone Protective case With the technology of piano surface painting and UV antiwear property, specific details of this item offers no significant bits of plastic bond.

The overall coating design style offers your iphone better protection from bumps & scratching.This model is only 0.7mm in thickness which will not make a siginificant plus to your phone.


  • Perfect protect iPhone as a case
  • Offer battery to charge the iPhone as a power case
  • Put 2 phones in one iPhone 4 and make it dual sim card dual standby
  • Compact and fashionable design
  • Great Saving when your travel and make calls with local country simcards or roaming simcards.


Number of networks the Dual Sim Can connected to at any one time

  • Connected to 2 Network any one time Connected to 2 Network any one time





Rebel 2Phone Independent Review video by Jrin.net Shows how to use 2 lines on iPhone 4



Review: 2Phone Dual SIM Case for iPhone 4


The 2Phone case for the iPhone 4 is a 3-in-1 case.  It is A) a case, B) a dual-SIM adapter, which allows you to use two SIM cards for voice at the same time, and C) an extended battery(ish..).  The team at RebelSim sent me one to review so read on to find out more about it:


Video Review:

Video review of the 2Phone 3-in-1 iPhone 4 case


As a case:

The 2Phone as a case offers full scratch protection for everything except the front screen; for front screen protection, you’ll want to pair this with a screen protector.



The inside of the case (the part that the rear glass touches) is a slightly textured plastic that protects the entire backside of the iPhone: 


The bumper that covers the sides is a relatively thin, translucent plastic that covers everything else except the front glass.  It comes in a few different colors, but it only comes with this “smoke” colored one (and I can’t seem to find a way to get/order other colors), but I personally like the color well enough: 
plastic bumper

The bumper completely covers the volume and power buttons and unfortunately it makes it a bit annoying to change the volume. I find that I have to either press hard, or use my thumbnail, to actually get the volume buttons to press in (as opposed to being able to just lightly use the “pad” of my thumb).  Also, it prevents you from easily using your thumb to flip the vibrate switch – I now have to use either my thumb/index fingernail: 
volume and vibrate


All of the port “cut outs” line up perfectly, such as the headset jack and camera: 
headset jackcamera


What’s also nice is that it gets rid of the proprietary Apple port and replaces it with a micro usb port (which is used for charging AND syncing with your computer/iTunes): 


The case is very light and when compared with the weight of the iPhone 4, I really can’t tell a weight difference when using it.  However, the case does add a bit of thickness to the phone – it almost (not quite) doubles it’s thickness, but at least it’s curved on the edges, so it’s not like you would be carrying around a brick:



As an extended battery / second SIM card:

The part that sets this case apart from all other cases I’ve seen is the fact that it lets you use a 2nd SIM card at the same time as the iPhone’s SIM card;  You don’t have to switch between two SIM cards like other dual-SIM solutions.


The case is essentially a second phone that you are attaching to the iPhone, except instead of having it’s own screen, you use a jailbroken iPhone app to use it.   The 2Phone case is powered by it’s own 800mAh battery and not the iPhone 4: 


This battery can also act as an extended battery to charge the iPhone 4 as well, however, it must have a remaining capacity of at least 50%. If it has less than 50%, it will not charge the iPhone as the case will reserve the remaining 50% to use for powering the case.   With a full charge of the 2Phone battery, I have been able to charge the iPhone about 20% before the 2Phone battery reaches 50% and stops charging the iPhone.  It’s not much, but think of it more as a bonus feature than anything else – in other words, don’t buy it to rely on as a backup power source.


The 2Phone is quad band 850/900/1800/1900 and unlocked, so it should work with any SIM you end up pairing it with.  It takes regular size SIM cards so you’ll need to use a microsim-to-regular SIM adapter if you end up using it with a microsim:



As mentioned earlier, in order to utilize the 2Phone’s SIM card, you need to install their 2Phone app which requires your iPhone to be jailbroken. 

2phone app


The app itself is very similar to the built in Phone app on the iPhone.  The iPhone Phone app has options for Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and Voicemail whereas the 2Phone has Settings, Recents, Message, Contacts, and Keypad: 
iphone vs 2phone

(on a side note…I find it interesting that on my UK iPhone, they spelled it “Favorites” and not “Favourites”)


There are a few different setting options you can change such as the ring volume and tone, text message tone, the phone number to use for voicemail, as well as setting/inputting the SIM pin.  As far as Ringtones, you are able to use the single 2Phone created ringtone, or any of the built in iPhone ringtones:

2phone settings2phone iphone ringtones


To place a call with either SIM card, you simply use the appropriate app (the default phone app for the iPhone SIM or the 2Phone app for the 2Phone SIM).  When you receive a call from the 2Phone SIM, you’ll get what looks like a notification popup which will then open up the 2Phone app to accept that call:

2phone incoming call


Wrap up:

If what you are looking for is the ability to have two SIM cards active at the same time, then this is the case for you (plus, it gives you great scratch protection and a small extended battery).  However, don’t buy it thinking you will be getting a big boost in call time (remember, it’ll only charge the iPhone if the 2Phone has 50% or greater battery left).  That being said, it works great for adding an extra line to your iPhone.  If you are currently having to carry around two phones to have two separate numbers (such as a work and personal phone), it would probably be worth it to ditch one of them! 


  • Lets you use 2 SIM cards at the same time
  • Light weight, scratch protection case
  • Looks sleek
  • Adds a micro usb port (instead of an Apple port)



  • The battery doesn’t provide much extended battery for the iPhone
  • The bumper covers the vibrate switch causing it to require extra effort to switch it


Install the software via wireless network(iPhone4) iPhone4S's steps Click here
First Step: Jailbreak Please refer to tutorial: (click here)
Second step: Click cydia icon>Manage>Sources>Edit>Add>input www.2phone.com/cydia>Add sources>Return to cydia>Select 2phone>Select www.2phone.com> Select 2phone >Install>Confirm>Restart device

How to update 2phone software (Connect with network via 3G or WIFI) 
Click cydia icon>Manage>Sources>Select www.2phone.com> Select 2phone >Modify>update>Confirm>Restart device
Remark:Please backup 2phone database firstly when you update 2phone.After the update, please click restore, then can make sure your cellphone records and messages not to be lost.


Install by connecting PC(iPhone4) iPhone4S's steps Click here

1. Jailbreak Please refer to tutorial: (Click here) 
2. Click Cydia to install "afc2add"
3. Install "MobileSubstrate" 
4. Double-click iFunBox.exe file,open iFunBox, Connect iphone 4    with the computer 
5. Open"iFunBox",click"RawFileSystem", then find    /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/,copy 2phonebg.dylib    software into this catalogue 
6. Open"iFunBox",click"Raw File System",then find 
   private/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall,copy 2phone_X.X.X.deb    software into this catalogue 

7. Restart iphone 4,sometimes need restart 2 times.If can’t find    Cydia and AutoInstal folder,you can directly creat a new    folder on the file list.You can see 2phone icon when open    iphone.download here











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