Rebel iPhone 3G/3GS Dual sim Adpater

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RSC-Iphone 3G 3GS Rebel Dual sim
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No More carrying 2 Phones Around and No More Misplacing of your simcards, stay organized .

A very simple put Powerful STK menu to select default number for making calls, use any of the 2 numbers to make call at any time and divert the primary number to receive calls on both numbers.

Very simple operation, Easy Plug-&-Play
Support UMTS/3G Cards and 3G Networks
STK Menu
No need to cut your simcard
Work perfect with 2mm silicone case

No More swapping Sim Cards over using the supplied iPhone opener tool with the iPhone 4 impossible sim gates style from apple every time.

When ever i get my hand on my apple phones i always loose the tool used to open the Sim gate tray mechanism.

Then I'm forced to look through my paper clips collection to find one of the right size and top worry about damaging it altogether.

I find that the paper-clips that come in different colours like this are the best ones as once you take of the out coating of the plastic the size is about right to get the iPhone Sim out to be able to simply swap over to your other network sim card.

Well no more of the complicated fiddling around and keeping your other network Sim Cards in your wallets or purses & pockets in jeans,trousers or jackets. and no more worrying if your spouse ended up washing your other network sim card in the washing machine as you forgot to take it out.

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