Country Network Check 6 6+5S 5C 5 4S 4 3GS 3G 2G iPads via IMEI optional Factory Sim Lock Status

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Please press *#06# and input the 15 numbers of the IMEI eg 012345678912345

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Check Original network info via IMEI FAQ Page ?

Check Original network info via IMEI for ALL iPhones & iPads

Use this service to check the status of your iPhone

Before you purchase a second hand phone check to make sure its Factory unlocked or the warranty status.

If you have a iPhone and not sure of the firmware version on the device as its in recovery mode and you dont know the network its locked on to and are not able to activate you iphones ?

Example Log from Service.

iPhone 4 16GB Black (4.2.1)

IMEI: 01xxxxxxxxxxxxx  

Limited Warranty:Serial number: 7W0xxxxxx

2011-01-16 / 2012-01-15

Sold to country: United Kingdom

Carrier: Orange UK

SimLock Status:     Unlocked  **Optional info

Now you will know the network the iphone is locked on.

Optional Find out the Factory Unlock Status of any iPhone & iPad

Network Status: Authorised  **Optional info

Optional Find out the Barred Status of any iPhone & iPad..

  • 1.Can i unlock my iPhone using this service ?

    No this service is to find the network your iphone was sold on to from your imei number.

  • 2.Can i Check which country the iPhone was sold to (when not activated) ?

    Yes you can get to know the iphones orignal country it was sold in.

  • 3. Can i Check which Network your iPhone was sold to (when not activated) ?

    If your iPhones not been activated in itunes then we can only tell you the country info and not the network info.

  • 4. Can i Check check warranty information ?

    Yes you can

  • 5. Can i check the SimLock Status ?

    Yes you have options to check this. Before you buy a second user phone its best to check this info if the seller claims its been factory unlocked. SimLock Status: Unlocked Or Locked

    6. Can i check the Barred Status ?

    Yes you have options to check this. Before you buy a second user phone its best to check this info if iphone has been reported lost or stolen or been blacklisted from the Network. Also before you order a  factory unlock an iphone its best to make sure its not been Blacklisted on the Network.



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