iPhone 4S Micro Unlock Sim




04/19/2013, 22:03

"i want to unlock my iphone 4 to ios 6, can i do it?!?

only via factory unlock if network is supported"


06/23/2012, 07:53

"i need an unlock sim card for an HTC HD2.


this link is for the product your require


04/19/2012, 09:32

"i want to unlock my iphone 4s, canada MTS carrier, GSM,ios 5.0.1.i want to use my phone india ..how to unlock my phone...is this is possible to use other network...pls give me a solution

Yes we have solution please check here


04/06/2012, 01:16

"when you launch rebel micro sim for i phone 4s_?and what will be the price of that?
The second week of April

price will be announced soon "


04/04/2012, 15:15

"I want to unlock iphone 4s at&t 5.1 ...how should i do?

Order the Rebel micro unlock sim for iPhone 4S Launching 15 April "


03/28/2012, 21:03

"is there any way to unlock iphone 4 , 04.11.08? thx

yes for some networks can use factory unlock
for the networks that cant be factory unlocked we are working on a solution via Rebel Micro simcards and ready very soon "


11/21/2011, 12:53

"IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thgins like that?"


11/21/2011, 11:58

"This is eaxctly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing!"


11/21/2011, 11:31

"If your articles are awlays this helpful, “I'll be back.”"


11/14/2011, 09:44

"I accidently upgraded by iphone 4 to iOS 5 without preserving baseband , now my iphone have baseband 4.11.08, and my rebel micro simcard is not working , is there any way to solve the above problem

No solution to this other than jailbreak the iPhone 4 and use the Gmate or Rebel 2Phone
with rebel 2phone can make call and send receive sms
with gmate can make also as bonus use data connection

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