R-Sim AIR Turbo Sim Unlock Card

R-Sim AIR for iPhone 4S iOS 7.x.x Unlocking Plug-and -Play card. NO NEED PATCH for SPRINT & all CDMA iPhone 4S. SMS bugs FIXED, EDGE bugs FIXED Supports any baseband CDMA, GSM & WCDMA, 2G,3G,4G 256K/128K/64k/32k/ sim cards and networks.

It supports iOS 5/6/7. All GSM iPhone 4S will have FULL Calls/SMS/3G OK but SPRINT (all CDMA) will have Calls/SMS/3G OK for cut-sim, EDGE for un-cut SIM

It comes with its NEW own interface, that is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is insert R-SIM AIR into your iPhone 4S and Select your Carrier from R-SIM AIR Auto-menu or go to Settings > Phone > SIM Application and add the 7 digits IMSI of your iPhone carrier from the list below then restart.

R-Sim Air iPhone 4S Supported Firmwares

R-sim iPhone 4S Supported Firmwares:

  • iPhone 4S
  • iOS 6.0-6.X
  • iOS 6.0-6.X
  • iOS 8.0-8.X

Type of iPhone Unlock Solution

Type of Unlock Solution:

  • Unlock Simcard

Supported iPhone Models for Unlocking

Supported iPhone Models for Unlocking:

  • GSM iPhone 4S, CDMA IPhone 4S,

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