Rebel Micro Sim to Mini Sim Click in Design Multi Colour 5 Pack

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With Rebel MicroSIM adaptor, you dont need own a 2G SIM card and a MicroSIM card now. Just one MicroSIM will do the job of two. NEW 5 Pack Launched. Special Price direct from the Manufacturer.

Make life easier! It is simple and hassle free! No need to Use Tape with Our Click In Design

The Rebel MicroSIM adapter has the size of a usual 2G/3G SIM card (15mm x 25mm) with an angled corner.
It has a slot for the MicroSIM card (12mm x 15mm) to fit into it nicely to transform into a working standard 2G/3G SIM card size.

Change reduced size (cut) 2G/3G SIM-Cards or the newest Micro Sim/3ff/mini-UICC SIM cards to the size of a 2G/3G SIM hassle free and use it on both - the iPad and your data dongle or use your iphone 4G micro sim in other normal phones.

  • New Upgraded Design Rebel Micro to Mini sim Converters Now shipping with all Rebel Cutter Products.


    The Quality our Micro to Mini adapters are second to none and the Best and Highest Grade available worldwide.Unlike other inferior designs where you need to use Taper or stickers to hold your micro sim in place so its does not fall inside your phone or move around causing you to loose network signal frequently.The Rebel Micro Mini to micro sim Adapter has special Click in Design that also keeps your network sim secure.
    Step 1 Take Hold of the Rebel Micro Sim Adapter & the micro size network sim. Note the 4 protruding bases where the micro sim secured so you don’t need to carry tape or stickers to stop the network Simcard from falling inside your phone.
    Step 2 Note on either side of the Rebel micro sim adapter to further secure it in place you would need to simply slide in your micro size network sim in between the 2 areas that contain perfectly sized cut outs in our adapter that hold the sim in place without tape.
    Rebel Micro sim Adapter is a professional’s tool and can have you up and running in phones that use normal mini size simcards in no time at all and just a few simple clicks.Rebel Micro Sim Adapter FAQIs it possible to still use a network Simcard that’s already been purchased or has been cut to 3FF Micro Size format ?Yes once you cut your Normal Mini size network sim to Micro Size for your Iphone 4 or Ipad it’s still possible to use the micro size network Simcard in other phones which take normal mini size simcards if you use a Rebel Micro to Regular Mini Sim Convertor AdapterWhy would I want to use the Rebel Micro to Regular Mini Sim Converter Adapter?If you own an Apple Ipad or Iphone 4 then you will already be using a Micro Size Network Simcard inside your Device. Should you ever need to take out the Micro Size Sim card the before you can use it another phone that takes a regular size Mini Simcard you would need to place you micro sim inside the Rebel Micro to Mini size Adapter.Why Would I want to Take out my micro size network from my apple Iphone 4 or Ipad ?
    • Low on Battery power and you have no means of charging your Apple Device and no alternative but to use another phone that takes regular mini size network simcards.
    • If you sell you ipad or Iphone and would like to use you other phone.
    • You may posses more than one phone and can allow you to use you micro sim in other phones.
    • You may also own a Mifi or Usb Data Dongle that takes normal mini size simcards and you can take advantage of using your existing data package from your ipad/Iphone 4 to have access to wireless data on the move in other devices.
    • If your ipad or Iphone 4 goes in for repair or needs restoring on iTunes before it can function again then you can at least you get yourself up and running on another normal phone that takes standard mini size simcards till you are ready once again use your Iphone 4 or ipad.
    Why Would I want to choose to use the Rebel Micro Sim Adapter?
    • No Tape is required to hold the micro sim safely in position.
    • Micro sim card cannot move or fall out of position while in the phone.
    • No Break in connection Guaranteed between network sim and the phone.
    • Fits perfectly in all Normal phones that take Mini size simcards.
    • Use any Phone of your choice even if you have already have a Micro network sim.
    • No need to use Stickers or Templates to hold the micro sim in place.
    • Tested on Iphone 2G 3G 3GS models and Nokia Samsung HTC but can work with any phone.
    • Can work on any Phone or Data Dongle that works with normal Mini simcards.

How to use the Rebel Micro Sim adapters with Click in Design

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