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iOS 5.0/5.0.1/5.1 & Preserved Baseband Modem 04.10.01 iPhone 4 Unlock Rebel Pro Micro SimCard


CODE: RSC-Rebel-Pro-MicroSimCard

Price: £8.99

In stock
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Product configuration

Rebel Pro Micro simcard 

Package Includes

1 Unit Rebel sim Tray for iPhone 4

1 Unit Rebel Pro unlock simcard

1 Simgate opening tool

1 Rebel Micro Sim Adapter


iPhone 4 iOS Firmware & Baseband Combinations


IC Voltage

  • F300 working voltage 2.7V to 3.6V.  SIM over 2.7V F300 working voltage 2.7V to 3.6V. SIM over 2.7V

iPhone 4 Unlock Supported Networks

  • Botswana Orange Botswana Orange
  • Cameroon Orange Cameroon Orange
  • C. African Republic Orange C. African Republic Orange
  • Egypt Etisalat Egypt Etisalat
  • Egypt Mobinil Egypt Mobinil
  • Egypt Vodafone Egypt Vodafone
  • Guinea Orange Guinea Orange
  • Ivory Coast  Ivory Coast
  • Kenya Orange Kenya Orange
  • Madagascar Orange Madagascar Orange
  • Mali Orange Mali Orange
  • Mauritius Orange Mauritius Orange
  • Morocco Meditel Morocco Meditel
  • Niger Orange Niger Orange
  • Reunion Island Orange Reunion Island Orange
  • Reunion Island SFR Reunion Island SFR
  • Senegal Orange Senegal Orange
  • South Africa Vodacom South Africa Vodacom
  • South Africa MTN South Africa MTN
  • Tunisia Orange Tunisia Orange
  • Uganda Orange Uganda Orange
  • Australia 3 Australia 3
  • Australia Optus Australia Optus
  • Australia Telstra Australia Telstra
  • Australia Vodafone Australia Vodafone
  • China Unicom China Unicom
  • Guam GTA Guam GTA
  • Hong Kong 3 Hong Kong 3
  • Hong Kong 1010 Hong Kong 1010
  • Hong Kong one2free Hong Kong one2free
  • Hong Kong SmarTone-Vodafone Hong Kong SmarTone-Vodafone
  • India Aircel India Aircel
  • India Airtel India Airtel
  • Indonesia Telkomsel Indonesia Telkomsel
  • Indonesia XL Indonesia XL
  • Japan SoftBank Japan SoftBank
  • South Korea olleh South Korea olleh
  • South Korea SK Telecom South Korea SK Telecom
  • Macau 3 Macau 3
  • Macau CTM Macau CTM
  • Macau SmarTone Macau SmarTone
  • Malaysia Celcom Malaysia Celcom
  • Malaysia DiGi Malaysia DiGi
  • Philippines Globe Philippines Globe
  • Singapore SingTel Singapore SingTel
  • Singapore M1 Singapore M1
  • Singapore StarHub Singapore StarHub
  • Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom
  • Taiwan FarEasTone Taiwan FarEasTone
  • Taiwan Taiwan Mobile Taiwan Taiwan Mobile
  • Thailand AIS Thailand AIS
  • Thailand dtac Thailand dtac
  • Thailand TrueMove Thailand TrueMove
  • Vietnam Viettel Vietnam Viettel
  • Vietnam VinaPhone Vietnam VinaPhone
  • Albania AMC Support3 Albania AMC Support3
  • Austria 3 Austria 3
  • Austria Orange Austria Orange
  • Austria T-Mobile Austria T-Mobile
  • Austria A1 Telekom Austria A1 Telekom
  • Belgium Mobistar Belgium Mobistar
  • Bulgaria GLOBUL Bulgaria GLOBUL
  • Bulgaria MTel Bulgaria MTel
  • Bulgaria  Bulgaria
  • Croatia T-Mobile Croatia T-Mobile
  • Croatia VIPNet Croatia VIPNet
  • Czech Republic O2 Czech Republic O2
  • Czech Republic T-Mobile Czech Republic T-Mobile
  • Czech Republic Vodafone Czech Republic Vodafone
  • Denmark 3 Denmark 3
  • Denmark TDC Denmark TDC
  • Denmark Telenor Denmark Telenor
  • Denmark Telia Denmark Telia
  • Finland Sonera Finland Sonera
  • Finland Elisa Finland Elisa
  • France Bouygues France Bouygues
  • France Virgin Mobile France Virgin Mobile
  • France Orange France Orange
  • France SFR France SFR
  • Germany T-Mobile Germany T-Mobile
  • Germany Vodafone Germany Vodafone
  • Germany O2 Germany O2
  • Greece Vodafone Greece Vodafone
  • Greece Cosmote Greece Cosmote
  • Hungary T-Mobile Hungary T-Mobile
  • Hungary Vodafone Hungary Vodafone
  • Ireland 3 Ireland 3
  • Ireland O2 Ireland O2
  • Ireland Vodafone Ireland Vodafone
  • Italy 3 Italy 3
  • Italy TIM Italy TIM
  • Italy Vodafone Italy Vodafone
  • Latvia LMT Latvia LMT
  • Liechtenstein Orange Liechtenstein Orange
  • Liechtenstein Swisscom Liechtenstein Swisscom
  • Lithuania Omnitel Lithuania Omnitel
  • Luxembourg Orange Luxembourg Orange
  • Luxembourg LUXGSM Luxembourg LUXGSM
  • Luxembourg Tango Luxembourg Tango
  • Macedonia T-Mobile Macedonia T-Mobile
  • Malta Vodafone Malta Vodafone
  • Moldova Orange Moldova Orange
  • Montenegro T-Mobile Montenegro T-Mobile
  • Netherlands KPN Netherlands KPN
  • Netherlands T-Mobile Netherlands T-Mobile
  • Netherlands Vodafone Netherlands Vodafone
  • Norway NetCom Norway NetCom
  • Norway Telenor Norway Telenor
  • Poland Orange Poland Orange
  • Poland Era Poland Era
  • Portugal Optimus Portugal Optimus
  • Portugal Vodafone Portugal Vodafone
  • Portugal TMN Portugal TMN
  • Romania Orange Romania Orange
  • Romania Cosmote Romania Cosmote
  • Romania Vodafone Romania Vodafone
  • Russia MTS Russia MTS
  • Russia Beeline Russia Beeline
  • Slovakia Orange Slovakia Orange
  • Slovakia T-Mobile Slovakia T-Mobile
  • Spain Movistar Spain Movistar
  • Spain Orange Spain Orange
  • Spain Vodafone Spain Vodafone
  • Sweden 3 Sweden 3
  • Sweden TELE2 Sweden TELE2
  • Sweden Telenor Sweden Telenor
  • Sweden Telia Sweden Telia
  • Switzerland Orange Switzerland Orange
  • Switzerland Sunrise Switzerland Sunrise
  • Switzerland Swisscom Switzerland Swisscom
  • Turkey TurkCell Turkey TurkCell
  • Turkey Vodafone Turkey Vodafone
  • UK 3 UK 3
  • UK O2 UK O2
  • UK Orange UK Orange
  • UK T-Mobile UK T-Mobile
  • UK Tesco UK Tesco
  • UK Vodafone UK Vodafone
  • Anguilla Lime Anguilla Lime
  • Antigua and Barbuda Lime Antigua and Barbuda Lime
  • Argentina Claro Argentina Claro
  • Argentina Movistar Argentina Movistar
  • Argentina Personal Argentina Personal
  • Barbados Lime Barbados Lime
  • Bolivia Tigo Bolivia Tigo
  • Brazil Claro Brazil Claro
  • British Virgin Islands Lime British Virgin Islands Lime
  • Cayman Islands  Lime Cayman Islands Lime
  • Chile Claro Chile Claro
  • Chile Entel PCS Chile Entel PCS
  • Chile TMC Chile TMC
  • Colombia Comcel Colombia Comcel
  • Colombia Movistar Colombia Movistar
  • Colombia Tigo Colombia Tigo
  • Costa Rica ICE Costa Rica ICE
  • Dominica Lime Dominica Lime
  • Dominican Republic Claro Dominican Republic Claro
  • Dominican Republic Orange Dominican Republic Orange
  • Ecuador Claro Ecuador Claro
  • Ecuador Movistar Ecuador Movistar
  • El Salvador Claro El Salvador Claro
  • El Salvador Movistar El Salvador Movistar
  • El Salvador Tigo El Salvador Tigo
  • French West Indies Orange French West Indies Orange
  • Grenada Lime Grenada Lime
  • Guatemala Claro Guatemala Claro
  • Guatemala Movistar Guatemala Movistar
  • Guatemala Tigo Guatemala Tigo
  • Honduras Claro Honduras Claro
  • Honduras Tigo Honduras Tigo
  • Jamaica Claro Jamaica Claro
  • Jamaica Lime Jamaica Lime
  • Mexico Movistar Mexico Movistar
  • Mexico Telcel Mexico Telcel
  • Mexico Iusacell Mexico Iusacell
  • Montserrat Lime Montserrat Lime
  • Nicaragua Claro Nicaragua Claro
  • Nicaragua Movistar Nicaragua Movistar
  • Panama Movistar Panama Movistar
  • Panama Claro Panama Claro
  • Paraguay CTI Movil Paraguay CTI Movil
  • Paraguay Tigo Paraguay Tigo
  • Peru Claro Peru Claro
  • Peru TM SAC Peru TM SAC
  • St. Kitts Lime St. Kitts Lime
  • St. Lucia Lime St. Lucia Lime
  • St. Vincit and the Grenadines Lime St. Vincit and the Grenadines Lime
  • Trinidad & Tobago TSTT Trinidad & Tobago TSTT
  • Turks & Caicos Lime Turks & Caicos Lime
  • Uruguay CTI Movil Uruguay CTI Movil
  • Uruguay Movistar Uruguay Movistar
  • Venezuela Digitel Venezuela Digitel
  • Venezuela Movistar Venezuela Movistar
  • Armenia Orange Armenia Orange
  • Bahrain Viva Bahrain Viva
  • Bahrain Zain Bahrain Zain
  • Israel Cellcom Israel Cellcom
  • Israel Orange Partner Israel Orange Partner
  • Israel Pelephone Israel Pelephone
  • Jordan Orange Jordan Orange
  • Jordan Zain Jordan Zain
  • Kuwait Viva Kuwait Kuwait Viva Kuwait
  • Kuwait Zain Kuwait Zain
  • Qatar Vodafone Qatar Vodafone
  • Saudi Arabia Mobily Saudi Arabia Mobily
  • Saudi Arabia STC Saudi Saudi Arabia STC Saudi
  • United Arab Emirates Etisalat United Arab Emirates Etisalat
  • United Arab Emirates DU United Arab Emirates DU
  • Canada Bell Canada Bell
  • Canada Fido Canada Fido
  • Canada MTS  Canada MTS
  • Canada Rogers Canada Rogers
  • Canada SaskTel Canada SaskTel
  • Canada Telus Canada Telus
  • Canada Virgin Mobile Canada Virgin Mobile

Micro Chip Thickness

  • F300 Thickness   0.85 mm F300 Thickness 0.85 mm

Micro Chip Used

  • F300 F300

Rebel Micro SimCard Features

  • Works With All GSM CARRIERS Works With All GSM CARRIERS
  • Works With All 3G CARRIERS HOT** Works With All 3G CARRIERS HOT**
  • Jailbreak not required! Jailbreak not required!
  • Keep your manufacture warranty Keep your manufacture warranty
  • GPRS /  EDGE / 3G Data Connections  GPRS / EDGE / 3G Data Connections
  • Voice Calls Incoming & Outgoing 3G/2G Voice Calls Incoming & Outgoing 3G/2G
  • SMS Messages Incoming & Outgoing 3G/2G SMS Messages Incoming & Outgoing 3G/2G
  • MMS Messages Incoming & Outgoing 3G/2G MMS Messages Incoming & Outgoing 3G/2G
  • FACE Time over 3G with Cydia Mod (Requires Jailbreak) FACE Time over 3G with Cydia Mod (Requires Jailbreak)
  • FACE Time over Wifi FACE Time over Wifi
  • 2G Network Simcards Supported 2G Network Simcards Supported
  • 2G/3G Network Simcards Supported 2G/3G Network Simcards Supported
  • 3G Network Simcards Supported 3G Network Simcards Supported
  • Software upgradable with Rebel Pro Programmers Software upgradable with Rebel Pro Programmers
  • Can auto Switch from 2G to 3G and Vice Versa Can auto Switch from 2G to 3G and Vice Versa
  • Can Travel & have Stable Signal Can Travel & have Stable Signal
  • All 2G Network Simcards  Auto Network Detection without 112 All 2G Network Simcards Auto Network Detection without 112
  • 60% of 2G/3G & 3G only Network Simcards  Auto Network Detection without 112 60% of 2G/3G & 3G only Network Simcards Auto Network Detection without 112


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