Rebelsimcard F300 MCU 8KB RAM Proxy Simcard development kit

Rebelsimcard F300 MCU 8KB RAM Proxy Simcard development kit

Rebelsimcard F300 MCU 8KB RAM Pr
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Are you thinking of making STK Simcard applications but need a short cut to enter the market with your invention then you found the right page.

Instead of spending many months in development you could take a short cut with this package.

We supply all the tools you need to start developing and marketing your application for simcards.

Im sure you will now about STK toolkit and its powerful functions.

This kit can help you to start developing your ideas and market them in a controlled manner.

Optional Example Source code for Boot loader Creation.

When you have a bootloader then using the bootloader you can then program the F300 Micro chip using a PC/SC reader once a small bootloader hex program has been loaded using a USB Debug Adapter programmer in to which can be placed the Rebelsimcard blank chip. A Pciture of the programmer will be added for refrence but at this time dont sell that and would need ot assembled by yourself.

Also contianed inside the bootloader is the security decription routines so then you can supply remote clients with encrypted firmware than can be flashed to thier mcu but for this would need to purchase the optional module from us or write that part yourself.

Optional Source code for Network Sim SAT Applications:

Simcards are all about applications and most of the applications for simcards use the SAT based Sim Application toolkit.

SAT applications can be loaded in to more less any model of phone as all phones support STK SAT Applications.

You can add your own menu in to the simcard you are proxying with.

As default all simcards come with some kinds of basic apps pre loaded.

You can purchase source code from us and use to modify for to your own applications

Optional Source code how to encrypt hex for remote upgrade:

When you purchae the bootloader or write your own then when you write an application and create your Hex code you have 2 ways to load on to the device.

Without a bootloader you need to connect to the USB Debug Adapter programmer to load it.

if you have purchased the bootloader from us then you can use the optional software to make a crypted outfull file for your hex that be shared with clients and they can use any PC/SC programmer to write the new hex on to the cards. The hex is then coneverted back to the real hex without encryption inside the MCU when it writes the new firmware to itself.

Optional Source code how to flash encrypted firmware over PC/SC:

We can supply windows source code and can licence to you to use library files so you can make your own branded version of the flashing software that takes the cryted hex files and then using a windows pc and PC/SC card reader writes it back to the card.

Optional USB Debug Adapter for C8051Fxxx MCUs :

This is used to flash a hex file for the F300 MCU.

if you use the bootloader method then only required to flash the bootloader with this once and rest of times can use the PC/SC card reader on windows to write future version of code without using the USB Debug Adapter for C8051Fxxx MCUs

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