What is a hard lock ?

A Hard Lock is a permanent carrier lock. Your phone will become hard locked by attempting to enter an incorrect SIM unlock code more times than your phone allows, permanently locking the phone to the current carrier. Each phone has different limits regarding unsuccessful attempts before the device becomes hard locked. The usual amount for HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung is 5 attempts, usual amount for LG and Blackberry is 10 attempts. The messages below are examples of what a Hard Locked phone will display.

- BlackBerry :

(0 Left)
Code Error, Please Wait ...

- Huawei :

SIMLOCK block unlock reset KEY
SIM network subnet unlock PIN

- HTC :

You have tried 5 times, please wait for timeout ...

- LG :

Unlock Attempt: 10 of 10

- Motorola :

Contact Service
Contact Service Provider
Number of Attempts Remaining: 0
Tamper Alter
Wait before Enter Special Code

- Nokia :

Cannot Undo Restriction
Not Allowed
This phone only accepts SIMs from specific networks, and has been blocked.

- Pantech :

Contact your customer service center for the unblock code.

- Samsung :

Phone Freeze

- Sony Ericsson / Xperia :

Could not unlock network
NCK (0)
Network (0)

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